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The Red Thread Foundation for Women is now a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit organization! 


Red Thread Foundation for Women Announces 2013-2014 Scholarship Winner

Boston July 20, 2013

Red Thread Foundation for Women is excited to announce that Marilyn Romero of Ridgefield High School in Ridgefield, CT will receive our $1000 scholarship for 2013-2014. Ms. Romero will also benefit from our mentorship program as she starts her college experience at Smith College. Ms. Romero emigrated in 2001 from Honduras and is interested in medicine.

An honorable mention award of $500 has gone to Opeoluwa Olukorede . Ms. Olukorede , from the Rivers School in Weston, MA, will also participate in our mentorship program as she starts at Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Romero and Ms. Olukorede were chosen out of over thirty applicants based on written essays explaining the impact of their international background, academic and career goals, and recommendations.

Ms. Romero and Ms. Olukorede were chosen out of over thirty applicants based on written essays explaining the impact of their international background, academic and career goals, and recommendations.

About Red Thread Foundation for Women

Red Thread Foundation for Women’s mission is to provide women of international backgrounds with mentorship and financial support in order to help them succeed academically and professionally.  The Foundation envisions a world where all women, regardless of their place of origin or socioeconomic status, can realize their potential to lead empowered, fulfilled lives.

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March 6, 2012


Red Thread Foundation for Women celebrates first year of mentorship activities on International Women’s Day

BOSTON, GENEVA, JERUSALEM, LOS ANGELES, NYC, PARIS, WASHINGTON DC – March 6, 2012 — On March 8, 2012, the Red Thread Foundation for Women celebrates its first year of mentorship activities. Ten associates of multi-national backgrounds came together to create a scholarship and mentorship initiative that aids women with diverse ethnic backgrounds in succeeding academically and professionally in university. In its first year, the Red Thread Foundation has welcomed six scholars to its network, with backgrounds ranging from Guatemala to Iraq and Colombia to China. The five Red Thread Scholars for 2011-2012 were Esther Guerrido, who was also the recipient of the $1,000 Red Thread Fellowship award, Yessica Lopez, who received the Red Thread Leadership Award, Sarah Ak Ahmed, Yun Man, and Larissa Reza-Garcia. The scholars have participated in conversations on adapting to university in the United States, creating professional opportunities and developing skills relevant to their interests and potential career paths.  In addition to engaging with the robust Red Thread Foundation mentorship curriculum, scholars have developed individual mentoring relationships with the trustees and identified institutions, organizations and individuals who can further assist them as they navigate their academic and professional lives in the United States.

In its second year of operations, the Red Thread Foundation for Women is looking forward to growing its network of supporters. To that effect, the organization has welcomed new associates and is soliciting applications for the second cycle of Red Thread scholars. Applications are available on the Red Thread Foundation for Women website and will be accepted until May 31, 2012. The associates are currently revising and expanding the Red Thread mentorship curriculum, organizing fundraising events to further support scholars in offsetting the cost of university, and identifying organizations that can be partners in the endeavor to support women of multi-national backgrounds through their education in the United States.

For more information on the mission of the Red Thread Foundation for Women and the backgrounds of scholars and associates, please visit


July 29, 2011


Six Women Honored with Red Thread Foundation for Women Awards

BOSTON, LOS ANGELES, NYC, PARIS, WASHINGTON DC — (July 29, 2011) — The Red Thread Foundation for Women is proud to announce award recipients for the 2011-2012 academic year! Applicants included many outstanding women with ties to North America, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Choosing from such a great crop of women was a difficult task. The 6 award winners were truly impressive, demonstrating academic excellence, community leadership, a desire to excel, and a commitment to improve the world around them. Each of the award winners will participate in the Red Thread mentorship program. The Red Thread associates are confident that these women have a bright and positive future ahead of them.

Congratulations to:

Esther Guerrido, winner of the Red Thread Fellowship Award. Esther was chosen for the $1000 fellowship and mentorship program because of her outstanding academic record, dedication, and leadership. Coming from a family with no formal education, Esther overcame social, cultural, and linguistic barriers to achieve her successes.

Yessica Lopez, winner of the Award for Outstanding Leadership. Yessica was recognized as an outstanding leader because of her commitment to social justice. She has demonstrated passion and perseverance to achieve fairness and justice for her peers.

Sarah Ak Akhmed, recipient of the Red Thread Mentorship Award. Sarah is a passionate
advocate for women and children’s rights. After completing her education, she intends to return to Iraq to create change.

Claudia Limas, recipient of the Red Thread Mentorship Award. Claudia has overcome difficult personal circumstances and prejudices to succeed academically. She is the first from her family to attend college, and hopes to have a career in public service.

Yun Man, recipient of the Red Thread Mentorship Award. Yun is the first in her family to
attend college, and has excelled academically and professionally despite having only learned English three and a half years ago, after her family moved to the U.S. Deeply impacted by her grandfather’s health problems, she has decided to pursue a degree in pharmacology.

Larissa Reza-Garcia, recipient of the Red Thread Mentorship Award. Larissa is also the first in her family to attend college. During school she overcame negative stereotypes and excelled academically. She intends to pursue a career in social work to help children affected by domestic violence.

Full biographies of the award winners can be found at


March 8, 2011


International Women’s Day 2011 marks the launch of the Red Thread Foundation for Women

BOSTON, GENEVA, JERUSALEM, LOS ANGELES, NYC, PARIS, WASHINGTON DC — (March 8th, 2011) — In an effort to support global advancement of women through higher education, 10 associates have united to create a $1000 fellowship program for women of under-served, international backgrounds pursuing college degrees within the United States.

The Red Thread Fellowship Program will select one college-bound woman to receive a $1000 educational grant, as well as personal coaching in developing a long-term strategic plan for her academic and professional career. The 2011-2012 fellowship also represents the creation of a network of Red Thread Fellows into which each year’s winners will be inducted, with the goal of opening membership to similar ambitious women advanced in their careers. The network embodies the spirit of the foundation’s namesake “red thread” from the sacred threads which bring people together and symbolize courage in Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

The 10 women at the heart of the new foundation understand the importance of education but are also aware of its costs, particularly for women crossing international boundaries to seize the opportunity. They each have a unique heritage as former international students from the Dominican Republic, Greece, and Togo; immigrants from Armenia, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine; and first-generation Americans with roots in India and Venezuela. They have earned degrees from George Washington University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Occidental College, and Tufts University.

While not a requirement for future fellows, many of the associates have pursued careers around international relations, drawing inspiration from the combination of their education and cultural backgrounds. Roxanne Krystalli, an associate currently working on conflict and gender issues in the Middle East, emphasizes this point, “We have all benefited greatly from the international learning opportunities we have encountered, the community we found, and the mentorship we enjoyed from people who believed in our potential. We want to ensure that young women of similar backgrounds can benefit from the same generosity.”

Kate Fedosova, founding associate of the Red Thread Foundation for Women and co-founder of the non-profit Peace in Focus, agrees, “As an emigrant from the Ukraine, I would not have been able to finance my education had it not been for small scale grants. The $1,000 scholarship we are offering will not make or break a woman’s educational goals, but it will offset the cost of tuition, books, or living expenses. Our hope is that our fellows will also be inspired to join in a pay-it-forward approach to giving.”

The fellowship application deadline is May 15th, 2011. For further information visit: