Red Thread’s Board President, Claire, shared her reflections on her international background and her hopes for the next 10 years for Red Thread.

Where are you these days?
I live in Washington DC but very much miss my hometown of Singapore. 
What is your day job? What do you do for fun?I work at the World Bank Group on the East Asia and Pacific regional gender team. I ensure that our clients (government) include gender in their programs and policies. For fun I love to travel (when it’s safe!), listen to podcasts, read books, discover new restaurants and I’ve recently started to learn how to cook different types of cuisines like Thai and Vietnamese food.

What was your college experience like? Any words of wisdom you would give to yourself as an incoming student? My college experience was fun, challenging and rewarding. I met some of my best friends in college, and sharpened my focus on international politics and development. As an incoming student I would tell myself to take advantage of the different opportunities that college has to offer but to also make sure I’m not doing too much! 

What drew you to the Red Thread Foundation for Women? How would you describe your international experience? I was drawn to the Red Thread Foundation for Women as I am only the second person in my family to go to university in America, and I understand the difficulties that come with being one of the first. I consider myself a biracial third culture kid: I am French-Filipino and grew up in Singapore. 

What is your hope for the organization for the next 10 years?

My hope is that the Red Thread Foundation for Women continues to support brilliant women of international background to unlock the power of education, and that we can expand our work to support many more inspiring women.