As the Red Thread Foundation for Women wraps up its first cycle of mentorship and welcomes new trustees and scholars on board, our readers can expect new content in this space. From links to articles and talks about gender, education and mentorship to personal stories from our trustees and scholars, we will attempt to share a slice of what inspires us.

In that vein, here is a glimpse into stories that made us think this month:

  • Gender Across Borders, a portal devoted to international gender advocacy, is shutting down this month. Browse their archives for inspiring content from around the world.
  • An aspiring doctor in Egypt chronicles her first-hand experience with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
  • PeacexPeace sheds light on the problem of gendercide.
  • Foreign Policy has devoted their latest issue to gender issues worldwide.
  • Marianne Elliott, the author of a recently-released memoir about her experiences with peacekeeping in Afghanistan, expands on the joy of service.
  • From Joan Didion to Cat Power and Zadie Smith: haunting interviews.
  • “Because I Am A Girl, I Must Study.” Poetry by Kamla Bhasin.
  • NPR deems a person’s 20s the defining decade. Is this accurate, anxiety-inducing or both?
  • In a similar vein, the Wall Street Journal highlights What They Do Not Tell You At Graduation. “Read obituaries” is a quirky item that makes an appearance on this list.
  • Harvard students engage in a discussion on Quora about what they wish they had known before their freshman year.
  • Social entrepreneurs and the importance of failure, on the Ashoka blog.
  • MentorMob is a new service that curates “learning playlists” online. We are intrigued.
  • Finally, on TED, Eve Ensler prompts us to embrace our inner girl.

Happy browsing, and please share your own favorite reads with us!